Formal education must be the major priority of the young . It is their best training ground for spiritual maturity , intellectual capability , and financial independence, as well as preparation to be good parents in the future. Sex Education  has always been an issue for quite sometime . According to some experts , it’s about time to talk about sex in the school to educate the youngsters and orient them to its pros and cons. But most people would dare to disagree . For them , it’s too early. Why do teachers need to expose these innocent minds to the world of sex? When in fact , all they are up to are war games and cartoons? Really?????

As a  teacher, I have heard so many stories of elementary graders who somehow indulge themselves in sexual acts not knowing what goes with it. And whenever  I ask them why , they would only say , out of curiosity . Many documentaries have shown how teenagers suffer from early parenthood entailed by teenage pregnancy. Why not ? Whenever these kids face the computer , they will have their research work as an excuse , but once they get there , you will see them exploring social networking sites. In just one click , you can have videos , their parents used to hide from them. 

On the  other hand , some kids of the same age can still treasure their innocence in spite of the media within their reach . Some parents would suggest to  let them be as innocent as they are . And let them be the ones responsible to explain sensitive matters such as sex education to these innocent minds , for no one can do it better that the parents themselves for they are the ones who truly care for them . But not all parents share the same sentiments. 

So now , as teachers , we know what’s happening . We know who needs our support . We know who needs guidance . We know where influence might lead them . Just grab every chance to make them learn what they need to learn .Take every situation around you to warn them of the “ifs “ of their actions .  So if someone ask : Sex Education .. Deal or No Deal ? , you will have a definite answer.

By: Mrs. Rosario T. Rodrigo | Teacher III | Limay Elementary School | Limay, Bataan

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