Parents should sharpen their listening skills to avoid power struggles and unhappy outcomes for themselves and for their children. To listen effectively means to pay close concentrated attention to what another is saying. The person who listens effectively will also pay attention to communication which is not verbal. Nonverbal communication is feelings which are not expressed in words. This includes tone of voice, gesture and special expression.


Parents who listen effectively have a better chance to understand their childs feelings.

There are some suggestion which will help you to become an effective listener, and can improve your relationship with children and others.


  1. 1. Be supportive – do not criticize, children should feel that you care.
  2. 2. Set a good example.
  3. 3. Look into the person’s eye. Consistent eye contact with little children that you want to understand and that you are paying attention.

Repeat main idea that children express. When you do this, you reflect like a mirror back important information. This lets children know that you are really listening and that you care.

By: MS. VIVIAN S. PIZARRO | Orion Elementary School, Orion, Bataan

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