Classroom teachers nowadays must be aware that instructional materials should go with the changes in any educational system. The present learners are utterly unique, with different learning styles, strengths, interests, experiences and motivations. Each student nowadays poses high demands on them. The teacher at all times, should be to respond with his/her entire being-body, mind and spirit. They should suit the nature of the learning group with whom these materials are to be used. The teacher must be really sensitive to the learners nature and needs. These are important factors that helps in the proper utilization of these teaching materials. Teachers need to use suitable instructional materials.

Selecting the Materials

The world of classroom teaching is dominated at present with different modern instructional technologies like computer, video clips, films, slides, and the like but the teacher should not forget the preparation and utilization of low-cost instructional materials, which can prove equally effective when used in accordance with the set of objectives and needs of particular learner. Teachers can prepare and utilize indigenous on locally produced materials, don’t also neglect homemade materials which would require little or no cost at all.

Significance of Instructional technologies

 • The content of a topic can be more carefully selected and organized

• The delivery of instruction can be more standardized

• The instruction can be more interesting

• Learning can be more interactive through applying accepted learning theory.

• Length of time required for instruction can be maximized.

• Quality of learning can be improved

• Instruction can be provided when or where desired or necessary

• Learning needs of individuals can be effectively and efficiently met

• Learning can be enhanced

• Role of teacher is directed toward positive direction.

By: Mrs. Sisa H. Parrera T-III | DEPED Samal, Bataan

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