Various social networking sites are available in the internet. The Facebook,Twitter,My Space,You Tube,Friendster and others.

A person need not spend too much and travel far to discover and Rediscover what used to be endless highways and byways of mystery in the field of Information and communication technology. They are now just a click away.

Social networking sites are now being used by millions of people.

The use of these sites have been widespread that they have not only caught the attention of academy ,social and political researchers worldwide but also in the projects and

 Assignments of students.

One benefit of the use of social networking is that it is very cheap way of Reaching a potentially very large audience of students for their advantage since, today, if a student doesn’t have a net book, laptop or personal computer, he can do his assignments, projects through researches in the internet by paying only 15 -20 pesos for computer rental in computer cafes of their choice or a fraction of this amount if the time all opted is not fully consumed.

During the 70’s up to the 90’s the DepEd has no immediate answer for Book shortage, giving a ratio of 1 book for every 5 students, and in return students are Reporting to class more often than not without assignments or if they have, their work

Are haphazardly done. They are not thoroughly prepared. Computers during those times are not yet fully-enhanced or developed.

On the other hand, look at our students today. Assignments ,projects and other assigned tasks are readily complied by them, because of availability of sources of Information, particularly ,the internet.

Survey and researches have pointed out, that in the advent of the threshold of a mammoth communication revolution, majority of researchers

Acquire data needed through the internet and various networking sites. Other information seekers usually find helpful and accurate information that facilitate their works particularly through the Internet This information in return ,hone up their knowledge in academics and in various endeavors acquiring high level of achievement.

The exchange of data and information with other friends in various social Networks adds to the improvement of The students’ performance. One word of advice, social networking can be a boon or a Bane depending on one’s use. Remember. Always use social networking in moderation or else you can be a cyber addict .


By: GERMAN MAGPOC QUINTANA | TEACHER I | Asuncion Consunji Elementary School | SAMAL DISTRICT

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