The Philippine school system is a huge network of schools and a gigantic enterprise that involves

30% of the total personnel of the government bureaucracy. Yet the correlation between the achievement and the attainment of just and peaceful living, were not commendable. We expect too much from invention and technology and we are inundated, overwhelmed; yet with all these there is so little wisdom. Our science performed magic and amazing miracles and yet the over-all results have been turned to disappointment and disillusionment.

 Let me suggest four pillars for a stronger republic:

  1. 1. Turning back to Basics

We have been taught in all

 What we need is the recording of the things in their primary meaning of getting down from the roots, returning to our value system, and the spiritual sources.

The branches of knowledge but none of the roots. There is urgency to rediscover Philippine history, value system, religious insights, and culture; to identify what is ageless and essential, that which at all cost, must be considered and transmitted.

  1. 2. Future-Balanced Education

A second foundation is the transformation of tradition bound education. Our college and universities must begin to live in the future emphasis upon developing the skills and techniques necessary for life long learning, and helping the students to cope successfully with its rapid change. Sadly at present, our schools are not preparing citizens able to deal with the future. Thus, we stand in danger of stumbling by default into social chaos by transferring decision making to an elite or dictator, thus, sacrificing freedom.

  1. 3. Search for knowledge and excellence –

Spiritual poverty is often caused by miss conception about the nature of human knowledge. The assumption of most scholars is that the truth is completely objective and value free, unconditioned and autonomous, serving no particular interest or ideology. The knowledge we prize is that which gives us mastery over the material world. In the final analysis the spiritual and corporate values are not part of reality.

  1. 4. Fourth pillar – Establishment of authentic community – the underlying value system in the school emphasize competition, individual attainment, and minimizes cooperation. The educational progress should process global perspective and commitment to a deep social sensibility, a lifelong commitment to social and political involvement. The idea of an authentic intellectual community is compelling – teachers, students/pupils, parents and administrators intimately involved and accepted and allowed to grow to a unique person; an affirming community of shared purposes, values and ideas, insights, aspirations and dreams. The teachers will not only speak but listen, encourage students/pupils to think for themselves. They will give information but do not close the door to new ideas, instead they will encourage students to help each other learn, and become creative and active participants of the academe within public and private institutions to make a republic stronger as a nation. The issue about social injustices, poverty, quality of life, ecological responsibility, good government, and global interdependence will gradually be solved.

 Turning back to basic putting education into future tense, continuous search for knowledge, and making the faculty inperfect harmony are the solid foundations of our education. “I’ve been long convinced that we are being called to lift our sights, to dream new dreams, to create a new world. Let me invite you to lay the solid foundation to a strong nation.!”

By: Ms. Nancy R. Yarra | Teacher I | Sabatan Elementary School

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