The main purpose of discipline is primarily to develop a well citizen in our nation. There are some reasons why children have this kind of destructive behavior. Here some reasons for children’s behavior:
1. Multistressed Environments
Effects on children living in multistressed environment:
1.1 Children may have not receive the nurturing needed to develop a sense    
of trust
1.2 Children may have grown up in an environment that was so unsafe that     they were not allowed to use their senses to explore
1.3 Families may have not provided consistent, age-appropriate guidance to     help their children develop self-discipline.
1.4 Families may live in overcrowded homes, with little private space.
1.5 Children may have had no place to play and few opportunities to     develop friendships
1.6 families may have little control over their lives and/or may had few     opportunities to learn how to make decisions and choices
2. They are affected by a physical condition
3. They don’t know what they are supposed to do
4. They need more attention than they are getting
5. They feel frustrated or discouraged
6 They are seeking more control of the situation
7. They are feeling bored or confined
8.Children which they are product of broken family

By: Elisa O. Violeta | Teacher III | Tomas Pinpin Memorial Elementary School | Abucay, Bataan

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