We cannot deny the fact that non-readers are a perennial problem in the educational system. So as teachers, we must do something to lessen the numbers of non-readers or totally eliminate or zero-out non-readers in our school. We are the central figures in all teaching activities that’s why we should be aware of this and put an action to resolve this problem. It is a big challenge on our part because the brighter future of our school children depends on us teachers. We should accept this challenge and perform the tasks and responsibilities whole heartedly and honestly.

To zero-out non-readers or even just to lessen the numbers of non-readers, I’ve made some teaching techniques in reading remediation.

I.  GEOBOARDS (Family of Words)

Pupils use rubber bands to form letters, words on the nail boards.   


1. Let the pupil get a rubber band and form a big and small letter or even make words on the geoboards.
2. Pupils can make as many letters or many words or families of words and read what they have formed.
3. Pupils discover the families of words and have fun reading the words they have formed.


Use cut-outs letters and syllables to make words in clothespins.


1. Let the pupils get the clothespin with letter or syllable attached on it and let them get the detached and put it in the clothespin.
2. The pupils will discover the word they have formed in the clothespin.
3. The pupils will read the words they have formed and they can do this as many words as they can and the pupils will enjoy reading using this instructional device.
Use letters balls to spell words from the different word families or the CVC, CVVC, and  CVVC pattern.

1. Teacher will dictate three-letter word.

2. The pupils will spell the words using the letter balls.
3. The pupils will have letter balls and they can form words by putting the letter balls together.
4. The pupils will read the words they have formed.

By: Ms. Juvy P. Cruz | Orion Elementary School

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