Fast readers have an advantage over slow one. They get through their work more quickly and in many  cases can understand and appreciate more of what they read.
Some people are slow readers just out of habits. If you are one of these, try for a while to make yourself read faster.These alone may  increase your speed and after you get used to it, you will not have to force yourself.
Remember thought that the speed is not the most important thing in reading . Comprehension and appreciation are. It will be harmful  to speed up your reading if the result is failure to understand and enjoy.
It is  thecasual which you should learn rapidly- the newspaper ,the magazines and many novels. However if you have trouble concentrating or are trying to increase your speed, you  may do better by the following guides.

Guides for efficientReading:

1.    Read in a good light; have another light in the same room; avoid glare from the page.
2.    Sit in a firm upright chair if you tend to get sleepy .
3.    Try to hold your book so that the top and the bottom of the page are about the same distance from your eyes, otherwise the constant change of focus will tire them.
4.    Rest your eyes every fifteen minutes or so, Close them in a few minutes or look at a distance object.
5.    Concentrate completely Remove or learn to ignore distraction. If possible settle pressing problems ahead of time and read in a quiet place.

By: Rosario D. Calderon | Teacher I | Sabatan Elementary School | Orion, Bataan

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