Eliminating dead time is one of the major problems in the classroom. For there are thoughts to consider before we can have transition activities. Is enough space available? Time needed is another factor . Involvement of the teachers must be considered as well. With regards to the activity, is it appropriate to the age of the pupils? Will they find it exciting? Will it serve its purpose? Can this be done enthusiastically?

 Physical activities throughout the day is necessary for children to reenergize themselves and to be able to maintain focus on their school work. Being involved in movement positively affect children both cognitively and physically. Using songs to reinforce lessons can improve listening and memory skills . Other activities such as games, role plays and dance contribute in the development of basic timing , balance and coordination . Music , line up games , guided imagery and clapping rhythms were also proven to be effective transition activities.

 Teachers must be very aware of the importance of these transitions for it can make or break the teaching learning process.

By: Mr. Roe Nano Reyes | Teacher I | Pulo Elementary School, Orani, Bataan

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