Image Bantan Elementary School had its sports fest on August 29, 2008 at the school campus. All the pupils of the school joined the activities prepared by the committees. The children were divided into two teams, Team A and Team B. Each team chose their leader and assistant leader. Aira Basilio was the leader of Blue Team while Diana Sol Pizarro was for the Red Team. Both are grade 6 pupils. Each team was composed of grades I-VI pupils and they prepared a number for the Cheering Squad.

The activity was started by a parade then followed by an opening program hosted by Ms. Rosita Isidro, a grade III teacher. The program was opened by prayer led by Ms. Raquel G. Salaria, a grade two teacher then a community song conducted by a grade V teacher, Ms. Erlinda Navarro. The athletes were first oriented by Ms. Patricia D. Hernandez, school PESS Coordinator. Then the prepared events were played. There were presentations of each team, Maria Went to Town for grades I-II, Sack Race for III and IV, Obstacles for V and VI. Relay event was played by all grade levels. It was really a close competition between the two teams. Blue Team won in the three events, Obstacle, Maria Went to Town and Sack Race while the rest of events won by the Red Team. Red Team won the overall. Awarding followed right after.

The children really enjoyed the day! How happy they were! It was really a memorable event specially to the children who joined the activities.


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