If we have what we call love life and spiritual life, I believe that each of us should also have our sports life.

Being active in sports can be a part of our social life too. And there are many games that everybody can play and also enjoy!

Yes, a sport is for everybody. It can be learned or developed by practicing. But some say that it can also be a gifted talent.

By the way, how many sports do you know? One, two or none? Well reading the following may not be a great help but it can in some little ways.


This is played with five players each team. The goal is to shoot the ball at your goal. It is usually played at the gym but here in the Philippines, revised Basketball courts are made everywhere.

In amateur division it is played for 40 minutes divided into two halves. When the time is up, the team with the highest score wins.

Developed by the YMCA Professor Dr. James Naismith.
Things Needed:
1. Ball (basketball)         2. Ring        3. Court
This ball game requires many skills but as a beginner, the following will do:
1.    Foot Movement:
Practice to run leftward, rightward, backward, forward, and pivot.
2.    Dribbling:
a.    Dribble it 20 times in your right hand where one of your feet is on front and vice versa
b.    Dribble the ball in right hand while running and vice versa
3.    Passing:

a.    chess pass            d. bounce pass            
b.    over head pass            e. hand pass
c.    baseball pass court        f. blind pass
4.    Shooting:
a.    set shot                d. slum dunk
b.    jump shot            e. free throw
c.    lay up                F. 3 points

This consists of 1 or 2 players in each court. The goal is to drive the shuttle cock to the other court passing over the net.
In girls, 11 points is needed to win, and 15 points was needed by the boys.
It was discovered in India and first called Poona. Years later the name was changed to Badminton.
Things Needed:
1.    Racket    2. Shuttle Cock    3. Court and net
1.    Gripping
2.    Foot movement
The knees should bend slightly while waiting for the shuttlecock
3.    Service
a.    Face your left shoulder on the net
b.    Move your right foot forward
c.    Hold the racket with your right hand and the cock with your left hand.
d.    Uphold the shuttle cock and drive it toward the other.

Played inside the gym. Consist of one or two players each.
The goal is to drive the ball passing the net.
First called Gossima from England in 1890
Things Needed:

1.    Ball    2. Racket    3. Table and net

1.    Gripping

a.    Western or handshake grip        b. Chinese or pen hold grip

2.    Serving:
a.    pushing            d. side spin
b.    topspin            e. fore hand
c.    under spin            f. back hand

3.    Driving:
a.    push or block        c. under spin
b.    top  spin            d. drive spin

By: Teacher 1- Pablo Roman National High School | Orion, Bataan

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