In line with the principle of shared governance in school, the Department of Education (DepEd) recognizes the vital role of the Supreme Student Government (SSG) to ensure effective implementation of responsive programs, Projects and activities.

Through a Department of Education order, the Parents-Teachers Association (PTAs) is encouraged to involve the student government officers in matters that affect their welfare. PTA and school based student organizations must develop cooperative partnership because they have a common goal. The PTA in every school can provide students with actual exercise of their civic duty and teach them various lessons in leadership, good citizenship, transparency and accountability.

Student participation in PTAs strengthens the consultative mechanisms in the operation of the said organization. Students are involved in planning and executing programs and projects.

The Supreme Student Government’s president and vice president together with the school publication Editor-in-Chief representing the students and all recognized school clubs and organizations are designated as PTA Board of Directors as observers. They allowed to attend PTA meetings with deliberative power but without the right to vote. As observers they have the opportunity to present to the parents their programs and projects and bring to the attention of parents their needs, issues and concerns.

These are welcome developments in the Student Government Program (SGP) of the Center for Students and Co-Curricular Affairs of the Department of Education.

By: Mrs. Joan J. Quiroz | Lamao National High School

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