The recent result of the National Achievement Test is somewhat alarming that a school is almost in the lowest rank in the division level. There are a lot of factors that somehow affect their academic performance. One factor is the study habit of every pupil that plays an important part in every child’s learning.
The ability to study effectively can be an important factor to anyone’s success. Learning through effective use of study practices can be very rewarding but most of the time it involves one’s time, energy and talent. A great degree of interest and effort is required on the part of the learner.
Development of study habits consists of a consistent allocation of sufficient time and paying attention to the work at hand. Study habits are established gradually over a period of time, day after day, month after month and year after year. The learner would have a greater chance to succeed in his studies if he is to develop study habits.
    Study habits are develop in atmosphere that is conductive to teach by a cooperative and consistent efforts on the part of learners, the teachers, the parents and others. The inculcation of the study habits is beneficial as the learner will know how to meet and solve his problem and is able to complete his assignments effectively and successfully.
Many of the positive outcomes resulting from studies shows satisfactory working relations and whatever problems you encountered have met successful completion of task assigned. This is due to the adjustment of oneself in general and creates a feeling of self-confidence.
On the other hand, having study habits need application of oneself to his studies with expenditures of every effort and does not pace over anything that the teacher and the curriculum offered to him. Being independent and lazy would mean being traitor to himself renunciation of a complete and harmonious development.


By: Manuel M. Felipe, Orion Elem. School

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