What is the heart of a lesson plan ? Everyone will agree if I will answer, it is the objective that symbolizes the heart of a lesson plan . As the heart is the most vital part of the human life which gives life as it beats . So is the objective is considered as the heart of the lesson plan .

Before  preparing for the objectives ,instructional materials and strategies are needed to implement the lesson, a teacher must first be knowledgable on the subject matter . The specific objectives that will gear around the subject matter should be first studied . Mastery of the subject matter first is the key to excecute the chosen objectives . Preparing the right and effective instuctional materials and strategy will go hand in hand in the subject matter .

As an educator , before facing the class , one must be equipped with the mastery of the content she is about to deliver .
This calls for all educators even all the school heads , principals , supevisors and administrators to be knowlegable on the content of the subject matter our curricullum has . They themeselves should be knowlegable because , how can  offer help to our teacher if they themeselves are not subject matter masters .

So teachers and in the administrative system should formulate programs on the mastery of subject matter.

By: Rowena M. Lisud (Master Teacher II Limay Elem. School)

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