Times are becoming harder & harder everyday. Problems are likened to cell division. From simple one to magnified version. Some individuals are weak in accepting problems more so in finding solutions or remedy.

But don’t worry, for all you know, there’s always a good side of a problem. There are some affirmation technique or strategies to acquire positive element out of a negative element. Rather than be discouraged affirm that the solution is already in your hands. Instead of brooding all day & all night, tale all the necessary steps to solve your problems.

Look for your best friends, colleagues communicate with them, and who knows, the solutions are there waiting for you. Meanwhile, don’t forget that life on this world is a big stage. You are one of the actors. It depends on you how you look to your problems.

Lastly be a friend of your own self. Try to know yourself better. The problems you think are sufferings are actually the problems that will open the doors for you. So stand, rise, fall the challenges, pain, tribulations & conflict. Who knows they convey positive elements to you. Just analyze what’s really happening & interpret the real situations.

By: Marifer T. Visda

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