The Family Basic Literacy Project ( FBLP ) is a literacy service intervention utilizing family members to help non-literate members upgrade their literacy skills and improve the educational opportunities of poor families. The target beneficiaries are the poor families and have one literate member who is capable and qualified to serve as literacy facilitator. The selected family beneficiary should be a permanent resident of the community with at least three non-literate member who is able and willing to become the family’s literacy provider.

There are the three suggested activities in the implementation of Family Basic Literacy Project (FBLP):

1. Pre-Implementation

  • Advocacy and Social Mobilization
  • Literacy Mapping
  • Recruitment and Selection of beneficiaries

2. Implementation Activities

  • Installation of the project
  • Assessment of Learning
  • Utilization of Learning Materials
  • Conduct of Family Learning Session during the family free time at work or after dinner depending on the convenient time and place to learn.

3. Post Implementation

  • Assessment the literacy gained by the completers
  • Reporting

By: Ms. Teresita R. Ordiales | Principal II | Orion Elem. School | Orion, Bataan

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