The following suggested Strategies and Approaches can help a teacher to facilitate learning in order to cater the needs of every learners.

1.     Simulation games –  offer a model of some situations ( reality ) and thus allow students to learn about that situation variously through competition cooperation, emphaty, research skills, critical thinking and decision making.

2.     Advance organizer –  designed to increase the efficiency of a student’s information processing capabilities and relate bodis of information by presenting introductory materials before the learning task and at higher level of abstraction and inclusiveness than the task itself.

3.    Cloze – involves deleting specific words ( parts of words ) from a sentence extract or story. Students are then required to fill the gap with a word that fits syntactically and semantically. The value of cloze is that it can require students to use all their reading strategies to complete the text.

4.    Scanning  –  helps the students to search for the specific information he wishes to get from the material such as finding the meaning of a word in a dictionary, finding statistic information in tables, charts or graphs and finding the answers to certain questions from a text.

5.    Speed reading – is often classified as a study skill. It is used in the following instances:

a.     Preview – to find out if the work/ selection contains the ideas you used
b.    Overview – to go over a selection or book  to check on what parts will contain the ides you need.
c.    Review – to go over a selection or book you have already read to help you remember more clearly important ideas.
d.    Skimming – to go over  a selection fast to fit the main idea
e.    Scanning –  to go over an article or selection fast to get specific facts or details.

By: Dennis V. Navarro, Teacher II Orion Elementary School

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