Values Education is necessary to all learning areas. There is a greater focus on values formation in all subjects in the different grade levels.
The following suggested Strategies and Approaches can help a teacher to facilitate learning inorder to cater the needs of every learners.

1.     Experiential Learning Process-  the experiences  of the pupils and teachers serve as springboard     in the discussion.

2.    Story Telling –  is a technique of telling orally or in writing an account of a real or imagined   events from a literacy work.

3.    Skit – is a short, usually comic theatrical sketch portraying a scene also satirical in tone.

4.    Song  Parody- is a technique which makes use of a musical composition that broadly mimics an author’s characteristic style.

5.    Crossword Puzzle- is a puzzle in which a checkered square with blank spaces must be filled in with interlocking words ( reaching horizontally and vertically ), deduced from clues.

6.    Diary- is a daily written account of events, experiences or observation which enables a person to become more sensitive to himself and and conceive a deepening appreciation for the treasured gift of every moment of life.

7.    Mirroring – is a true portrayal representation of someone.

8.    Reflection Interpretation – is a technique in which the students will interpret their reflection on a given topic, either in writing, drawing or any form of art.

9.    Completing Activity – is a technique in which a starting statement will be given to the students and based on their own ideas or reflection, they will complete the thoughts of the sentence.

10.    Guided imagery – is a technique in which the students are instructed to relax, close their eyes and let their minds create their own vision, mental picture of a situation / idea. E.g. peace. Afterwards, they will translate their mental picture of an idea/ situation into drawing.

By: Teresita R. Ordiales, Principal I Sto. Domingo Elementary School

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