Being molder of youth, a teacher should be careful in all his ways because children are imitators. She is part of every success and failures of a child and should strive to be a model. In every personally development, a teacher is a part of it. Being molder of our youth, a teacher should always be careful in all her ways because children do the acts they imitate. They learned more by what they see and observe. The following are some qualities of an effective teacher. A teacher should be a model in all her always. She should be a good model not only inside the classroom, but also outside the classroom. Setting a around her, children will learn good value. Values are caught not taught. A teacher should be sincere and true to his commitments. If the teacher possesses these qualities, the objective of the school which is to educate the children into a other duties. She is always punctual. She does her job well with or without her superior. A teacher should be respectful and honest. Sometimes we wonder why some children are disrestpectful. Why? Children are still disrespectful because they have observed from their teachers the attitudes opposite of what they teach. To make her teaching effective, the teacher should show respect for those in authority. Dishonesty is also another problem that exists in children. Unless teachers are honest even in little things, she cannot teach honesty effectively. A teacher should be firm in her words. Word of honor is very important to one’s personality to gain respect and obedience from the students and other people. Assignments should be checked and discussed the following day. Projects should be checked and gathered a reward should be given to those who have done their responsibilities. Rewards are incentives to students to perform better. Penalty or punishment should be given to those who do not comply with it. By doing this it will serve as a lesson o them. A teacher should be kind and friendly. A teacher who is friendly will make a child feels in the classroom. Children’s shyness and fear will be lessened. As a result, they would not afraid or hesitant to ask questions on what they could not understand, such teacher will eventually minimize the absences of tardiness of the students. They will look forward to attending their class with joy. Since the teacher is part of every success and failure of a child, she should strive to be a model.


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