Teachers and parents are said to be a great molder of all children. There are three institutions involved in parenting children; these are home, government and school. Every member of the family should have a right to take care of their parents and have harmonious place as its atmosphere to live in which give a great influence in the child’s development.
The natural right and duty of parent in rearing of the child for civic efficiency should receive the aid and support of the government. Hence, the free education is the top requirement enjoyed by every citizen in our country. Other institutions like the school, the church, the guild, and the community in general should assist the home and the state to prepare the child for the responsibilities of adulthood.
Parents are the first teacher at home. their duties is to give him affection, companionship and understanding, to extend to him the benefits of moral guidance, self- discipline and religious institutions, to supervise his activities, including his recreation, to inculcate the values of industry, thrift and self-reliance.
Teacher is the secondary parent to their children in terms of education. A successful teacher always has a keen ear on parents. They are both responsible for the growth and development of a child and try to bring out the best in him. He always alert with the culture and family Values: they are not commenting or passing any judgment on the parenting styles.
A teacher should help guide his pupils; survey pupil’s needs and solve problems.
She develops study habits among his student, good personality and inculcates values in every subject areas thought in school.
Both teacher and parents is a noble mentor who takes a great deal of expertise for significant contribution to the development of a new citizen in our country.

By: Elisa O. Violeta | Teacher III | Tomas Pinpin Memorial Elementary School | Abucay, Bataan

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