“Teachers develop the seeds of today so they might grow into the fruits of tomorrow.”

Teaching is the most important and noblest profession in the world. Teachers are the one who develops children, community, society family and ultimately in the nation building. 

Today with this very challenging world. In any school or institution, everything primarily depends on the teacher in terms of academic excellence. As we all know that education is one of the greatest aspect excellences. As we all know that education is one of the greatest aspects provided by the teacher. It is very essentials for anything. The function played for the by teachers become a very important element and in the fact it can be said that they are in a way our nation builders.

The role of teachers has become very demanding. It is quite necessary for teachers to be social, serious, understanding, and friendly in nature so that their students who feel shy or have some attitude problems. It is very important for teachers to supervise these students personally and foster them to overcome this shyness or personality disorders.

A pleasant and desirable teacher in fact becomes a role model for students. Students tend to take as their teacher in almost every way.

Also, with this fast changing world, teachers are the one who helps student to manage their careers as well as build a strong solid foundation in different fields. A teacher tends to be a sort of guide on their side.

A very quite sad thing about is that it does not get the recognition it really deserves. However, they take up source of teaching with humility and accept the support with gratitude. But the most important thing is that teachers are the main pillars of the society. They carry the weight and hold the full responsibility of profession. And aside from parents, are the principal foundation of knowledge, inspiration and greater value for the humankind. that is teaching  the most timeless profession of all time.

By: Mrs. Estelita M. Laguitan | Teacher III | Limay Elementary School | Limay, Bataan

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