If we are to look at the greatest leaders and heroes, it could be that not too many of them were teachers. Jose Rizal wasn’t so much known to be a teacher but a doctor.
But then, if we are to look at the larger picture without the need to rise into revolutions carrying bolos or guns, there are natural leaders in our society, yet their leadership is not so much a known fact – this is the leadership of teachers.
Teachers are natural leaders. For one, they are the ones who literally and figuratively lead a class of homogenous or heterogeneous pupils and students who come to class with many different personalities and family and social backgrounds. Such set of people are even harder to lead than when you lead a group of people with common interests and ideals as in a revolution.
In the many aspects of life, we can see teachers leading in many social activities. They can be the easy leader in a group for community clean and green; they can be the ones to lead a program as master of ceremony or someone to deliver a speech in topics about anything under the sun. We can see them very active in many meetings and brainstorming. Teachers can initiate causes and projects without the need for so much publicities and tarpaulin ads.
Maybe it’s about time that people come to realize the leadership skills of teachers – not just within the four walls and corners of the classrooms but even outside of it.

By: Elisa O. Violeta | Teacher III | Tomas Pinpin Memorial Elementary School | Abucay, Bataan

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