The issuance of the revised Philippines Educational Program are the effect standing challenges to the personal resourcefulness, the professional maturity, and the character and patriotism of our teachers- all Filipino teachers. Our leaders furnished the vision, the Board of National Education’s reforms, and now it remains for our teachers to translate the vision and the reform into living realities.

Filipinos have aspirations for themselves, their children and the Philippines. These are normal and wholesome aspirations. And they look to their schools as one of the vital social institutions which must make possible the realization of these aspirations.

Here are few of these qualities which should match the contemporary problems peculiar to our society:

1.    Initiative, imagination, vision, resourcefulness and originality.
2.    A sympathetic and intelligent understanding of rural living and rural living of people, a genuine respect for the intelligence and opinions of our rural people.
3.    An intelligent appreciation of nature’s beauty and the rural environments; ability to enrich the child’s knowledge and appreciation of his own rural culture and environment.
4.     Ability to offer to a heterogeneous group of children in meaningful classroom experiences based on individual needs, interests and abilities.
5.    Ability to develop a program in terms of child and community needs that the quality of life in the neighborhood may be improved.
6.    Adaptability to the people’s ways of living. Speaking, dressing, and acting.
7.    Ability of leadership in critic and social activities.
8.    Ability to inspire in our youth, faith in themselves, pride in being Filipinos and pride in their country, the Philippines.


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