Teachers-the most acclaimed workers in the field of education for in their hands lie the future of the whole nation .From the teachers’ teachings are the stock knowledge and inculcated in the minds of the learners and positive values caught .There’s an adage that says a teacher affects eternity and we can never tell where his influence stops. The teachers are the influential persons who could teach people on how to think, what to feel, how to decide and find best ways on how to resolve conflicts, problems that their students have to face should these come.

With the abrupt changes that the new administration had made from the top to bottom beginning to the realized impeachment of the former Chief Justice Renato Corona up to the policies implemented for the farmers’ welfare, the way Filipinos accept changes are different in nature. Some accepted the decisions gracefully and wholeheartedly while others did not accept the decisions the positive way. If the history of Filipino people could be rewritten the other way around where the positive and good side of Filipinos would be featured the teachers would play a big and major role.The teachings of teachers to their students at present could amend the past, nurture the present and touch the future.

Teachers are wonderful creations of the Supreme Being whose influence could be felt from the formal training that learners receive from the very first day they enrolled in school up to the time they finished schooling. Teachers are the greatest gifts of school children and students who could help them shape their brighter future. Teachers are the co-builders of schools’ stakeholders greatest dreams for their children. Teachers are the best people in job any nation could have for teachers are the powerful agents for change.

By: Ms. Agnes M. Fajardo | Teacher III | Casupanan Elementary School, Palihan, Hermosa, Bataan

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