Let us first know what is public relations. Public relations is the art of winning public favor for an organization or a person. In the simplest form, it is an extension of human relations. In its present form, public relations is a complex profession or business that is worldwide in scope.
To any government employee, good public relations is one of the most important responsibilities. Yet it is sad to note that in some places, there is an absence of good public relations.
In this new movement, the general public serves as the tools and the teachers the carpenters. On every teacher therefore rest the problem of promoting good public relations. As a carpenter, he has to make his tools sharp and well-oiled to produce better results rather than blame his tools for failure to accomplish something good.
We do not want however, that as public servants, teachers should indulge in a campaign for propaganda purposes. What we want them to understand is to carry along with them good public relations.

By: Mary Ann N. Sacdalan | Teacher I | Abucay North Elementary School | Abucay, Bataan

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