TEACHERS are highly g   r   a   t   i   f   i   e   d   professionals. There’s so much reward which a teacher derives from being able to impart knowledge to the growing child and share the attitudes that will govern him through life.

The teachers indeed, play an important role in society. They are curriculum developers the instructional and resource managers and the facilities of learning. In a day to day activity, teachers adjust to find ways and means to make their teaching interesting and effective. They help each child reach the highest possible degree of personal development. The teachers should possess energy, efficiency, understanding, patience, beauty or grace or skill but most certainly possess love and respect for children, teachers must encourage enthusiasm, strength and support of others.

Teachers are able to help the parents bring out the best in their children, nurture them in the sense of righteousness and other values that would enable them to meet the demands of education as envisioned for the coming years.

By: Ms. Angelita D.Alarcon | Teacher I | Capunitan Elementary School, Orion, Bataan

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