Teaching is said to be the noblest and very challenging job.  It is because the welfare of your students lie in your hands and it is your responsibility to inculcate knowledge in them.  Yet, no matter how demanding the responsibilities of a teachers are, this is one of the most rewarding jobs found in the world today especially seeing your student’s eagerness to learn.  You’ll have unexplained happiness every time they learned something, even just a little bit of information, fact or knowledge.  There’s always that wonderful feeling knowing you’re the one who guide them to know the right character/attitude they must possess that will serve as their training to become responsible leaders and productive citizens of our country.

Having the love, willingness, enthusiasm and ability to become a future molder of the youth, anyone can become a teacher if they wish. Nonetheless, teaching jobs should be taken seriously because the future of students is on the line. If they are not given the proper education in their early years, they might grow up in the wrong way. Although it may seem that this is difficult, people should take into consideration that this job is rewarding in so many ways. Seeing your student grow up to be someone important is definitely a part of your doing.

Also, teaching profession will give you an opportunity to meet and interact with different kinds of person with different kinds of personality.  It’s another challenging task putting all your efforts to help them grow according to their needs and in return, no one could erase the fact that you’ll be forever reminded by them.

By: Emerita P. Reyes | Pablo Roman National High School

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