Image    Recent calamities that the country experienced cause so much worries among the environmentalists and a lot of people. Most that have occurred were proven to be first hand experiences among the residents of the affected areas. Main root as what others commented is that of the so called – CHANGE IN CLIMATE.

    Who knew that something seemingly as simple as “climate change “ could have such devastating effects? These days when you hear “ climate change” chances are they’re not referring to the switch of seasons as when the cold makes way for the warmer days of spring and then summer. Or when, here in the Philippines, we get some reprieve from the hot summer days as our season becomes wetter and cooler. The earth’s climate has been heating up steadily over the last 30 years and it is mostly due to HUMAN ACTIVITY. The industries that support our modern culture are dependent on the use of fossil fuels. However, the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas, release heat, trapping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Normally, carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is a good thing as it helps regulate the earth’s temperature. However we’ve been burning these fossil fuels at such vast quantities that there is a large excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that is not processed efficiently enough. So, the heat from the sun is trapped, unable to escape out of the atmosphere. The rise in the earth’s temperature has triggered changes in weather patterns, melting of glaciers and rise in the sea level.

    As educators, we have a wonderful opportunity to teach our pupils about what global warming is and how important it is to actively play a part in saving the earth. Maybe we can start by having certain observations how things have changed.; for example, how much hotter it has gotten and why that is or what the environment was like when you were a student and how it has changed since. We can also invite pupils to share  their own observations and move on the topic of global warming from there. Once they understand why global warming is  a serious situation, we can introduce the ways we can start to help stop it. The pupils can start with   fairly simple things like recycling paper or switching the lights off in the classroom when nobody is inside. Maybe, from there we can suggest that the pupils organize school-wide zero waste projects that will eventually encourage the outside community to follow suit. The important thing is to start soon, so that these good habits can be formed and being eco-friendly becomes a life-long habit before it’s too late!

By: ERLINDA NAVARRO – Bantan Elementary School

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