Cooperation is working well with others for the good of all . There is cooperation when you share your time and help others in getting things done .

• A cooperative child knows how to share .

One of the most common concerns that parents and teachers have about their preschoolers is that they find it difficult to get them to share . Sharing is something that is not instinctive to young children . Through your constant guidance and observation , young children may learn how to share and be cooperative .

• A cooperative child encourages others to do their best .

Early peer interactions which usually emerge from play provide opportunities for young children to initiate and maintain relationships with other children . Young children who interact with others are more likely able to attend to the needs of others and become cooperative children .

• A cooperative child listens carefully to others . 

Engage your preschoolers to develop good listening skills . Having good listening skills will prepare children to eventually succeed in school , at home and even in the work force when they become older . Teach them to maintain eye contact when talking or listening to someone , let them read aloud as it helps them to focus , and engage them in age – appropriate activities that promote good listening skills . 

Be a cooperative child and inspire others to be the same.

By: Ms. Lenita C. Gloria | Teacher III | Capitangan Elementary School

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