Many new teachers find that they are unprepared for the reality of the classroom. Beginning teachers leave the teaching field because of the inability to cope with the teaching problems. Discipline difficulties with parents and lack of sufficient or appropriate teaching materials  are among the problems experienced by beginning teachers.
In addition to these, beginners are often given the most difficult teaching assignment. One of the reason so many new teachers leave is that teaching as a profession, has been slow to develop a systematic way to induct beginners gradually into the complexities of a job that demands hundreds of management decisions everyday. Terms like intern and trainee are used in other profession to identify a beginner  who has received training in the profession and who earns a stipend by participation in limited experiences under expert supervision. In the teaching profession these are often used difficulty.
New teachers have full teaching responsibilities without prior professional training . They must attend classes and often have limited expert supervision. If we want to retain them, we must introduce the profession humanely , in ways that self-esteem, competence, collegiality and professional stature will develop.
Another one is the level of commitment to the teaching profession. Some of them enter with a positive attraction for teaching and plan to make it along term career, others plan to quit working  altogether and  pursue interest in other fields.

By: Gerald B. Tayo | Teacher | Tomas Pinpin Memorial Elementary School | Ibayo, Abucay, Bataan

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