Education, whether formal or informal, really makes a human being into a person capable of adjusting himself to an ever changing society. Many think that through education, a world of mystery will be opened and new ideas and challenges will come out. This is indeed true in most Filipino homes where education is regarded as a paramount importance almost equal to the basic needs of man. As a matter of fact, Filipino parents try to save money just for the tuition fees and school materials for their children. They believe that if one finishes schooling, his day to day life will surely improve.
One thing and a sure that thing that everybody knows is that education in the hands of a good educator serves as a social equalizer. An educated man foresees what is best for him and for society. Moreover, an educated person earns a social distinction and commands.
Perhaps, we may ask ourselves whether education could doubtlessly make a man happy. Does earning a degree really satisfy or fulfill one’s dream? Or is educational training indeed relevant to the needs of the community? Does education lessen the many problems faced by our society like poverty, drug abuse, corruption prostitution and many others? A school which is an institution that molds a child into thinking individual should have a clear vision to implement programs applicable to the total development of every school child.
This school year is the seventh year for the implementation of the Restructured Basic Curriculum both in elementary and high school. The program restricted the old curriculum, integrating values education in all learning areas in the hope that it will help solve the poor performance of the school children and students. Curriculum certainly needs to be mentioned and evaluate, likewise educational survey is a must for a society that demands quality. However, what does quality mean to ordinary children and parents? Or good virtues, an intelligent minds and sound physical abilities developed in a child signify achievement of quality? Educator believed that education has a long lasting effect on individuals but this cannot be judged immediately right after class hours.

By: Judith E. Tanael

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