We often heard of teachers complaining about their pupils who are not interested to listen in their class and there are those with short attention spans.  Some teachers said that their pupils are bored and lonely during class activities.  If these are also true in your respective classes, we need to evaluate the methods and approaches that we are using to facilitate learning and we need to be aware of the changes around us.
If educators need to keep pace with the evolution of technology, school administrators must be there to guide and teach the values of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to teachers.  They need to encourage the teachers to use computers and internets in exploring their lessons to make their classroom activities interesting.  The modern times call for modern approaches so we need to adapt with what is happening around, if not, we will be left behind and teaching will remain traditional.
Browsing the internet, studies revealed that teaching aided with computers and modern instructional devices like LCD’s was more effective rather than using the traditional style of teaching- board and chalk.
Information and Communication Technology must be the teachers’ partner today towards the delivery of quality education.

By: Mrs. Elvira R. Mina- Principal II Orion Elementary School, Orion District

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