Ang galing ni mam magturo,,parang eight gig,lahat alam niya ang sagot at parang saulo ang libro,kahit ayaw mong makinig makakapakinig ka kasi ang dami mong matututunan,bukod pa duon kung alam niyang tama yun ang kanyang pinapatupad sa klase.Mabait siya pero kapag nagturo siya ay seryoso.Gusto niyang siya lamang ang pinakikinggan upang matututo ka sa subject na tinuturo niya.

These are some of the comments that I have read in an my evaluation last school year.i was really glad reading all those comments even though there are some negative, but I don’t take it negatively instead I look at it as a stepping stone in improving my teaching profession..

As I planned what will I do to make my profession even more better to make my students learned a lot from me I discover some tips on how to love our teaching profession more and more and it will help a lot to make our students feel that we are sincere in what we are teaching and we are true to them not because of salary but because we love them as our students. Hope that you too can be benefitted to all these tips.

1) Avoid absences – kung ikaw ay isang guro at dika pumapasok sa paaralan natural hindi ka nagtuturo sa mga studyante. Yes, teachers must take days off occasionally, but do not make it a habit. If you are feeling a little sick, unless it is serious, show up! A sick regular teacher is ten times better for his or her students than a healthy sub is. Regular attendance is a must. Be proud to have a perfect attendance record.

2) Be  Accessible- You need to help your students at all times. That means before school, during lunch, and after school. No, you do not have to do it all the time. Start out with something like two days a week before school, lunch, and after school. You are the best tutor your students can get. Teach them!

3) know students individuality- Talk to them during lessons. What is their favorite music? TV? Movies? Talk to them in the hallways. The more you know, the more you can adapt. It is easy to converse during class time. Little comments between concepts can go a long way. If some show up early for class, you can really get personal. No class time? Pass out a questionnaire. Above all, learn their names quickly!

4) Get in touch with Parents- Get phone numbers. Make two calls a day to parents. If you can, make more. They do not need to be long. Just a short hello and that you are interested in their child. In just a short time, you can indeed make contact to at least one parent of each student. Parents can be your biggest ally. Students will perform and behave better if they know you are talking to their parents.

5) Knows What They are Teaching- If you do not know what you are doing, how can you teach? This involves complete preparation.

6) Attends school events- Make yourself seen at school sports and performances. Being seen in this setting shows students you care about them and support them.

7) home visitation and community linkages- If you do not live in the same place as your school, make some visits on weekends. Go to a local place to eat. Shop at a local store. Many of your students may have parents who own local businesses. Patronize them. Visit a church. The more your students see you, the more they will be willing to behave in class. They will see you as someone who is willing to be on their level.

8)Eats Lunch on Campus- Wander around at lunch and sit at a student table. Buy a school lunch and join them. Many students help sell food. Make a point to buy something.

 9)Always Fair- Expect the best, but be flexible. Fairness does not have to mean leniency It simply means to grade your students on a balanced scale.

10) Never lose Their Cool- Bite your tongue. All things will pass. Never carry a grudge. Things in your classroom will happen. This goes hand in hand with being professional. Acting like a raving lunatic is a sure way to shorten your career.

By: Ms. Jenny G. Pascual | Bonifacio Camacho National High School, Abucay, Bataan

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