Our government implements K+12 Program in our country to ensure our graduates to be globally competitive to the job market.

The insufficient mastery of basic competencies due to the congested curriculum taken for ten (10) years is not enough to prepare our students in the world of work or enterpreneurship.

What is K+12 Program? It covers kindergarten and 12 years basic education with elementary diploma (6 years), a junior high school diploma (4 years) and senior high school diploma (2 years). A full 12 years of basic education will eventually required for entry into tertiary level. The said program provides sufficient time for mastery of concepts and skills, employment and enterpreneurship.

Our government adopts the program in response to the need to improve the competences and competitiveness of our graduates as the ten-year basic education cycle for work and higher education. Sad to say, that there are countries that do not automatically recognize Filipino workers and professionals. In fact, the Philippines is the only country in Asia and is one of only three countries in the world with a ten-year basic education cycle. That’s why the government adopts and implements the program for our future generation.

Through this program our graduates will acquire mastery of basic competences, public and civic affairs. They are more emotionally mature, legally employable with potential skills. They will become productive and globally competitive because they are equipped with knowledge and skills as their weapon in the local and global communities. And most of all, our graduates have the capacity to engage in autonomous critical, thinking and transform others and one’s self into a better citizen of our country, so as mutual recognition of Filipino graduates and professionals to other countries.

our government knows that our students are the future nation builders, their preparedness as human being will uplift our country in economic stability with moral values and dignity to achieve a strong nation.

By: Ms. Socorro P. Siton | Teacher III | Lamao National High School

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