To become a good leader a school head must be a good follower. You cannot preach what you don’t have. If you are aiming towards the attainment of your clean objective on a goal, it should start in you. As a leader you should not be afraid to innovate or to change,

A leader should provide inspiration and energy to everyone in the school. He/She must motivate teachers for them to work hard. He/She must be dynamic, always think of new ways to innovate and improve on what’s currently being used in a system. A good leader aligns people with a clear vision of the right things to do. Inspire all teachers by leading as an example for them, and work towards harmony.

While a manager, he runs a school with limited resources. He’s comfortable in adhering to policy. He perpetuates group conflicts. He focuses attention on procedures rather than the decision made with the consultation of the group.

Let us act as a leader more rather than as a manager.

By: Mr. Arnel O. Larman Teacher III – Pablo Roman National High School

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