The NCBTS is a theoretical framework that defines the different dimensions of effective teaching, where effective teaching means being able to help all types of students learn the different goals in the curriculum.


The competency-based teacher standards are organized hierarchically. The “basic” level categories of the standards are seven domains. Under each domain are strands and at the lowest level of the hierarchical organization, under the strands are specific indicators.


Domain 1

Social Regard for Learning

Acts as a positive role model for students


Domain 2

The Learning Environment

Creates an environment that promotes fairness

Makes the physical environment safe and conducive to learning

Communicates higher learning expectations to each learner

Establishes and maintains consistent standards of learners’ behavior


Domain 3

Diversity of Learners

Is familiar with learner’s background knowledge and experiences

Demonstrates concern for holistic development of learners


Domain 4


Demonstrates mastery of the subject

Communicates clear learning goals for the lessons that are appropriate for learners

Makes good use of allotted instructional time

Selects teaching methods, learning activities, and instructional materials or resources appropriate to learners and aligned to the objectives of the lesson


Domain 5

Planning, Assessing and Reporting

Communicates promptly and clearly to learners, parents, and superiors about progress of learners

Develops and uses a variety of appropriate assessment strategies to monitor and evaluate learning

Monitors regularly and provides feedback on learners’ understanding of content


Domain 6

Community Linkages

Establishes learning environments that respond to the aspirations of the community.


Domain 7

Personal Growth and Professional Development

Takes pride in the nobility of teaching as a profession

Builds professional links with colleagues to enrich teaching practice

Reflects on the extent of the attainment of learning goals

By: Ma. Avelina N. Villegas | Teacher I | Limay National High School | Limay, Bataan

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