Electronic Learning or simply e-learning brings new dimension in education.  After the launching the World Wide Web in 1991, an eLearning was foreseen.  It covers an array of academic areas.  It is a form of alternative learning to many around the world.E-learning, sometimes termed computer-based training (CBT), internet-based training (IBT) or web-based training (WBT),includes all forms of electronically supported learning and teaching, including educational technology.

Education is accessible to everyone nowadays through the use or modern gadgets and devices.   E-Learning sounds fun.   But what is really e- learning? To help you understand more about it below are the features of e-Learning:

  1. Learning is self- directed.
  2. Learning is self-paced.
  3. Learning is design according to the student’s needs and interest.
  4. It offers multiple learning styles.
  5. Designed as Learners- Centered
  6. Accessible 24/7
  7. Enhance computer and internet skills.
  8. Greater students-students and students – instructors collaboration

 There are some significant advantages to consider: higher retention; greater collaboration; global opportunities convenience and portability; flexibility and wide range of selection.  These characteristics of e-learning are striking enough especially to those busy people. It does not require age, location, time, physical attendance and schedule.  e- Learning allows you to educate yourself at your own convenience.  It just needs only the willingness to learn and the willingness to spend a few bucks for the use of  e-gadgets.

By: Ms. Mildred V.Nichols | Teacher II | Mariveles National High School- Poblacion

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