To pave the way in building a better society, an individual should undergo a process of gaining knowledge, specialized skill or talent to be able to fully function and exist. Education plays a vital role in this human development and societal transformation. The program and projects of DEPED were designed to uplift the educational system of our country and to improve instructional deliveration as well as to provide basic classroom needs.

The call for greater access to education of the young, the enrollment of six years old in Grade I was included. A growing attention to Pre-school Education had been given for the past several years in the country.

Research studies established that the critical stage of the child’s life is from birth to 6 years old. It is at this stage where basic character values, abilities, personality skills, aptitudes, attitudes and knowledge are formed. There is a strong need for this children to be provided with such training because when they are properly developed, these qualities may shape the individual’s overall perspect5ive and preparedness in life.

Look back in the past and try to reflect on the number of children below seven who had been in school, we can readily concede that the number was insignificant compared to the total six-year-old population in the country. The reasons are obvious. 1. Parents were not aware of the importance of education in the lives of their children and felt that it was not a necessity. 2. Parents cannot afford the cost of such pre-school because it was established by private individuals or private organizations which were not affordable to the masses. Education before catered only to the few and rich.

The education system to enroll the six years old in Grade I, in public schools had been the answer to the need of the masses but there lies the questions of what is desired and ideal. Considering their nature and principles involved in the learning process to elicit an optimum effectiveness and efficiency of learning at this level. Have we considered the importance and the need of the learners to the prepared and ready for the learning activities? Are we assured of their muscular, mental, social, and emotional maturity to be ready for the Grade I activities? These are only few of the questions we may ponder. With this situation, would it not be possible, but with the religious, industrious, dedicated and committed teachers and school administrators, hopefully we may produce 100 % readers. It is not yet too late.

By: MS. ESTER GALLEGO | Teacher II | Bliss Elementary School, Balanga City, Bataan

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