Education is the acquisition of knowledge, skills and information through training and studying. Filipino parents, especially those belonging to the lower socio-economic status, consider education as the only thing they could give as legacy to their children. Education is regarded as wealth, the most important and priceless wealth.

Many are saying that even without education, they can live a normal life. According to them, it is the ability not the diploma, which is of greater importance in this demanding world. So if you are an undergraduate or even illiterate, you can still survive. But how far can these people go? Let’s try to take a look at many of those who are imprisoned, at those people who are living in squatter’s area, those persons who are living miserable lives. Most of them are uneducated and illiterate.

Indeed, education is important. The higher we ascend, the broader the vista of opportunities that appear to us; it heightens our longings for great achievement that we may become somebody. But don’t expect much from ourselves just because we are educated. Devote our best effort and ability with the idea that we are not going to achieve the impossible.

By: Ms. Ma. Clarissa L. Nacpil | Teacher III | Orion Elementary School | Orion, Bataan

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