Teachers play an important role in building the character of their students who later in their lives would become adults. Much of what the students follow and do depend mostly on what they learned and caught from their teachers in school beginning from elementary up to college.

While it is true that diplomas would tell what person learned and earned while in school, the irony is that sometimes a diploma is not a sufficient indicator of whether a person really learned. Much could be seen on the person’s basic characteristics, how he behaves, ho he thinks, how he speaks and so much more of him to be called educated. 

Surprisingly, all what would make up a person to be called truly educated could be traced on the lessons he mastered while he was very young. In fact, if he really mastered the lessons taught to him while he was still on the kindergarten that would be enough to offset the lessons he missed in actual classroom teaching.

By: Mrs. Agnes B. Pedroche | TIII-Pablo Roman National High School | Orion, Bataan

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