Curriculum and instructions must be set as our priorities like what we are always saying “the center of our educative process is the learner and our main goal is to provide quality education for them.

In my own opinion I believe that our own instruction and curriculum are good enough because our Department of Education staff responsible for doing it is well education. It goes beyond a study and research and amends by them. Therefore implementing it according to your strategies and technique are important to have a better result. If for you our curriculum/objective given is too broad, we can simplify it. Use varied exercises while teaching. From the saying “Be proud we are teachers, the future depends on it and therefore it lies in our hands so w hen we are in the system, do all the best that we can”.

Therefore the organization should be actively involved in the    curriculum development process. The teachers as well as their school head act as an instructional resources providing expert guidance all the way in order for the school to achieve the school goal which is providing quality education to their learners.

The collaborative efforts of the organization is very much needed to attain their common goal which is “Aiming Highest Efficiency and Quality Education in our School“

By: Ms. Rowena B.Marcelo | Master Teacher I | Capitangan Elementary School, Abucay, Bataan

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