A  study conducted on the effectiveness of training programs to teachers reveal that teachers who were able to attend seminars, trainings and workshops become effective and efficient educators. Thus, one of the major tasks of the school principal is to encourage the teachers, even the old ones to regularly attend trainings and seminars. In doing so, they would be able to learn innovative ways and methods in teaching.  Some training programs are focused on the production and preparation of instructional materials in different subject areas. If teachers would be able to attend this kind of training, they would be able to produce and prepare visual aids that would be helpful to their learners. In this way, teaching- learning condition will improve and pupils will enjoy the activities inside their classrooms. Other training programs enhance creative thinking and make use of  new strategies in teaching. This kind of training will surely be beneficial to the teachers if their desire is to uplift the quality of education. Considering all the advantages of encouraging our mentors to attend seminars and trainings, Schoolhead should never be tired of encouraging the teachers to be a part of the Dep. Eds. Programs and Projects that will lead to the improvement of  the school.

By: Mrs. Leonila Alcid- Principal | BEPS Elementary School- Mariveles District

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