How important are study habits to our pupils nowadays? Does it affect the child’s performance and behavior in school? Is this a stepping stone towards the achievement of one’s success?

Study habits simply mean how a pupil manages his or her time in such a way that he/her lessons in school regularly. It becomes a habit or a way of life for the child, just like brushing the teeth after eating, taking a bath everyday, washing hands before eating, or saying a prayer before sleeping. 

A pupil who develops his/her study habit cannot sleep or go to school without studying his or her lessons. A child can be intelligent and have self confidence in class compared to those do not develop their study habits. A pupil who does not have good study habits cannot do well in class recitation, daily quizzes, and actual pupil demonstration since he/she did not study and review the lesson learned. Good study habits are the tools to success. Without well-developed study habits, a pup[il cannot perform well in class, has less developed self confidence, and surely, he/she cannot reach his/her ambition in life.

Nowadays, many children are engaged in computer games, cutting classes, watching television, excessive playing, and worst of all are engaged in vices such as illegal drugs, gambling, and crimes. Others use their intelligence in foolishness and not good deeds. They should balance and manage their time wisely. They should keep themselves away from bad traits and vices. They should serve as models to their brothers, sisters, and classmates by showing that they have good study habits. With this attitude, surely pupils with good study habits will be successful someday.

Would you like to be successful and progressive someday? Develop and improve your study habits!

By: Mrs. Eden Rubiano | Tomas Pinpin Memorial Elementary School | Abucay Bataan

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