Two hundred and twenty six different nations in seven continents comprise the world. People are living in different traditions and perspectives that even language doubts to come between each of the nations. But somehow, we are still connected in a way that we may not perceive at all.

Science and technology stitches the gaps among these differences. Science is known as a body of knowledge based on facts. Since then, there is science and it is everywhere. The changing of the weather, rotating of earth on its axis, the travelling of the light, science has always something to do with these. It provides us enough knowledge to answer our questions and gives us the opportunity to explore much more for the rest in the same way it brought fame to many people in the said field for their ingenious works.

Francis Bacon argued that “utility” or “usefulness” should be the primary motive, but his claim has in fact more relevance to the science of the twentieth century than that of Bacon’s own time. We should speak of utility as the motivation for scientific work that is undertaken for the sake of its likely practical applications. Historians of science Derek de Solla Price, who coined the term high tech, has asserted that the basic science did not become significantly useful until the late eighteenth century, with the introduction of devices using electricity.

Science, when applied to simple things in our surroundings the becomes technology. Even before, there are gadgets that were invented, although not as advanced as today. Now, there is a continuous inventions of modern technologies credited to great minds and patient bodies. These technologies make our works easier that the past. There are many advantages, as well as disadvantages that modern technologies can give. It is definitely dependent on the hand of each of us.

People have been living from the beginning with nothing less than their simple and innocent minds. Then, great known people have shown us the way into the world of modern technologies. Hearts full of hunger of advancements and more comfortable life found themselves facing with science, fathoming their desires and leading us into a great change. These changes assure us, a gratifying life day after day.

Different nations have shown their ability contributions for the modern world with technologies. Most of them have been popularized in different parts of the world. Others shared with them their inventions and used them in daily life. Some applications of science are of obvious human benefit, such as increasing food production, relieving pain or curing disease. However, some technologies were used in noxious ways. The intended application may be controversial and dangerous. They were used in devilish acts to harm humans, for example, the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction or the creation of new and sophisticated methods of torture or coercive control of behavior.  A less clear example is the prospect of altering human genes, with its fair-reaching promises  and worries. On the contrary, the other side of science and technology can contend this with help of other nations.

Technologies have again proved their significance in communication. Cellphones and the world wide web show promote promising services for the people around the world. Through these, people in different places can be able to communicate and get in touch with one another.

Science and Technology has been divulged its outstanding works for a very long time. And until now, man tries to face the world of science and unites the through it.

By: Mrs. Anna Liza D. Salas | T-III Limay National High School | Limay Bataan

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