The values formation of the  children is a concern of all institutions in the society. The family, school, church, media, community and the government, are all responsible in teaching and molding youth. The parents does not excuse his responsibility on his children. Thus, they should be the first teacher’s of their children on all issues that their children would face on their lives.

To educate children on reproductive health and sexuality is an unavoidable obligation. On these times, children are exposed and can easily access and taught themselves about sex in the  most easy and cheapest way. Internet is the most influential on these issue.  We cannot prohibit them to use computers, buy dvd tapes and to use their cellular phones  but we can inform them on how to be responsible on these issue.

The Department of Education (DepEd) Memorandum No.26, allowing the use of teaching modules on sex education, could be a positive step, granting that DepEd will conduct an intensive process of consultation with different stakeholders before full implementation.  This will ensure that the program in is not implanted mechanically, and all arguments are heard.

Teachers have a firsthand experience with the children in every school. They can see how they react on sex issues and even can evaluate their need on sex education.  In our case, being a teacher in Orion Elementary School, I can see the need for formal sex education. Children who  are mostly part of below average kind of living whose parents are working to earn for a living and had a little time to deal with their children are mostly in need of these. Being a Grade III teacher, my pupils for the past 3 years, I can say they are exposed to sex issues. When they heard about some words about love, sexual organs and other related words about sex, the atmosphere of the room changed and pupils are all ears. Truly, a great motivation for them to listen and participate. Their writings on the books about sex and doing simple sex talks among themselves proved their interest about sex. What can we expect for these children when they are in high school. Teachers should be trained first on how to handle these without being misunderstand and would not add to the eagerness  of these children  but someone who can lead them to proper learning about this issue.

We should do something now. By immediate program and implementation on the need of sex education, we can save the future of these children.

By: MS. MARISOL M. DE LEON | Master Teacher I | Orion Elementary School, Orion, Bataan

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