Who has the magic on how to teach little children how to completely write legibly, to read aloud, to perform fundamental operations, to make simple sentences following the basic patterns and to foster nationalism? Our parents can do it simply because they are our first mentor but all of the learning from our parents may be enhanced from our school teacher in the formal schooling.

Our school teachers really exerted their effort to teach our little ones, but there are times that our teachers have problems encountered with some students. Those problems are inseparable and there are times cannot be tolerated and has to be solved immediately.

Below are the list of some of the problems encountered by many teachers, and maybe we could find some solutions on how to resolve these problems. Government and parents can be of help.

“I am so tired.”

 “Retirement is looking better and better to me these days.”

“How have we, as a society, gone so far into the mire of research that we don’t even use common sense anymore.  We let people, who have never taught in an elementary school, tell us what is right and wrong?  Who ARE  these people?”

“I have a student who “doesn’t get it”.  I have to re-teach every single thing we do just special for him.  I started the Sped process in October.  Due to several glitches, he is finally getting tested.  However, I just can’t face teaching him division today.  Again.  And again.   And again…”

“I gave my students the lecture…” The end of school is near…”  Will you pass or will you fail?  I still have a few, (more than 4) students who think school is a recreation time.  When I am teaching, they are dreaming.  Then they come and want one-on-one help.  I am fed up.  If you can’t do it by now, you will probably need to be retained.”

“How many times do you teach something?  I seem to be teaching the same things over and over and the next time we do it, they don’t remember how.  It isn’t like I don’t give enough practice.  I do.  We do it over and over and over.  But, eventually you have to move on.  Then I come back for a review before the big test, and most of them think we have never done this before.  What on earth am I talking about?”

“We have done ordered pairs and graphing four, I mean FOUR times this year.  I brought it out again yesterday and I only had 3 students who remembered anything about it.”

“I really am beginning to think scientists need to come up with a way to cut open their heads so we can pour the information in.  How else will they remember it?”

“I just have to come up with a better idea for next year.  I know that we have some really tough kids coming up again.  I take classes, I listen to other teachers, I take workshops and in services to make my teaching more effective.  It isn’t working.”

“My class certainly can’t.  I have started giving directions one time and then going on.  I am tired of repeating myself over and over to get their attention.”

“I feel like my head will explode.  I am downing chocolate like I own the company.  I am so angry that I can hardly contain myself.  In fact I am in a really bad mood.  AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT NOW.”
“I want to know just what parents expect from teachers.  Do they understand that most of us are knowledgeable about the ways of kids (and parents)?  Just how stupid would I have to be to not see that she erased the answers and changed them?  I may have to take Thursday and Friday off to get my BP back to normal.”

 “As my frustration level reaches an all time high for the year, I find out that one of my naughtiest students is out of meds. I should have known. He has been out of control for a while. It has gradually gotten worse and worse.”

 Some of these problems can be eliminated rather lessen if parents will help the teacher especially after school hours. Parents have to spend time with students in working on their assignments. Remind them of their attitude must be positive so that their character must be good. Not all things can be learned in school it can be learned inside the home with parents most particularly the behavior.

 If these problems continue in our teachers nowadays, how about the quality of  education??

By: Ms. Aida C. Villanueva | Bonifacio Camacho National High School, Abucay, Bataan

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