What governs the school is the principal. Being the heart and mind of the school. He is the person whom every personnel and staff in the school looks up to as a leader, he/she sees to it that his/her teachers have materials, facilities and budget necessary to adequately perform their task, actively supports day to day instructional programs by modelling desired behaviours, participating in service trainings and consistently prioritizes instructional concerns, and is highly accessible to faculty and staff.

The principal also directs, interacts and persuade followers to engage in tasks. As a leader, she also adopts her leadership to the maturity of her followers based on their willingness and ability to perform a task.

Likewise, the role of the Principal is to develop the human being with a high degree of character, integrity, honesty and credibility with courageous heart and independent mind who can transmit and enrich their social economic, cultural, physical, mental and spiritual.

What the present situation demands is action and action is the proper direction.

By: Ms. ERLINDA P. LABONG | Grade VI Teacher | Bagac Elementary School

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