The start of motivation makes teachers successful at almost everything they do. Everyone needs someone as a motivator and everyone in the school system is capable of inspiring others in one situation or another. Motivators are made not born.

The factor of motivation may be more important than many others in bringing out the best in teachers. Here are some pointers of bringing out the best in teachers that I gathered from an interview:


Expect the best

Always expect the best from individual teachers. No teachers are alike but through a second look, everyone has something to share.  Mrs. X may not be as good as Miss Y in Communication Arts but she is good in lecturing and drawing. If both of their talents are combined, the two can come up with a good resource material, a workbook maybe in Language Arts.

Study teacher’s needs

Teachers have precarious needs and aspirations. A newly graduated teacher needs more adeptness in teaching techniques compared with other teachers who have already stayed long in the service.  Give new teachers supervisory visits and post conferences. And if this measure is done, it should be tempered with love, and understanding. Inspire teachers who have the opportunity to further their studies. Who knows, they will even take your place as the Principal in the near future.


Set high standards

Always set the standards high performing teachers. But be sure to elevate the performance of teachers who are not performing as well as expected. In your staff development, be sure that teachers get the most of it. Be aware of their communication skills, analytical thinking and intellectual creativity. Share what you have. Remember that the pupils are the teacher, and the teachers are the Principal. Highly motivated people always set goals high enough so that they present challenges but which are within reach so at least some of them are realized.



Failure is not fatal

Don’t create a mountain out of a molehill.  There are times when teachers fail, why not? Instances when teachers do not as well as expected should serve as signal for improving the school system.  Such failure is not fatal after all.  Talk to the teacher concerned.  Know the factors affecting such failure.  And form the teacher himself so he will work on plans to offset such deficiencies in his school work.


Role models for success

Use role models to encourage success. Individualized experiences have greater impact than general principles.  Cite experiences of successful educators that will inspire the rank and file for maximum achievement. They can do the same or even exceed them if they follow their work attitudes and work styles.

Recognize and applaud achievement

We all work to be appreciated. That is normal.  Teacher’s success begets success if school administrators give credit where credit is due.  On the contrary, teacher’s enthusiasm can be dampened if due recognition is not given to them.  Teaching is more than pecuniary measures.  Teachers need psychological stroking. A smile for a job well done, a pat on the shoulder to carry on, and an explicit applause in public when deemed necessary, are all the things that make teachers bring out their best.

Have you tried to bring out the best in your teachers? If so, your teachers are the best… because you are the best Principal.

By: Ms. Ricer M. Borja | Teacher I | Mariveles National High School – Cabcaben, Mariveles, Bataan

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