B. Camacho National High School
Teacher III

Some schools put a lot of emphasis on technology; others may be unable to come up with the funds necessary to purchase computer hardware and software. Technology, at times, has been viewed as the savior of public education. However, technology is not a solution in and of itself. Presented or used improperly, technology in the classroom may prove to be ineffective, a costly way of wasting valuable teaching time.

Technology has become an important feature in the education of students of all ages. As technology becomes more common in the everyday lives of students, schools need to keep up with the interests of the students. The fast-paced world of video games and the instant gratification of retrieving knowledge, communication and playing games online provide schools with a challenge to not only motivate students but to maintain the interest of the students and make sure learning is taking place. Computers have revolutionized society, including the educational system. Teaching via computers either online or through the use of a computer-based program located in a school can motivate and ensure the success of the students.

The role of computers has dramatically changed since the 1980s saw the introduction of computers to the educational classrooms. Computers and technology are integrated into lesson plans, objectives and daily classroom routines. Computer-based learning has taken hold in schools. As computers have found their place in education, teachers must learn to use the computers not only efficiently but effectively. Computers provide the teacher in the traditional classroom another tool to use to instruct students. Teachers need to be trained in using computers effectively in the classroom, Through training teachers will not only gain knowledge, the teachers will gain confidence in their technology skills.

By: Gregorio B. Castro

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