In the classical tradition, education embraces both the training of the mind and character. Any educational system not anchored on moral principles is insufficient, unstable and unsound. Moral training must start in the home with the dedication of parents and teachers. The important of understanding the psychology of the adolescent, his moral struggle, his inner instability, interactive and reactions and behavior must be strengthened. An engineer cannot build a bridge unless he knows the resistance of materials. A farmer cannot grow vegetables unless he knows the kind of soil they thrive on the right season to plan them. A teacher can make a little progress in molding the character of the youth unless he knows the kind of materials he has on hand.Few things can be more complicated than the psychology of the adolescent, who begins to feel strength of his body and excitement of his emotional awakening. He becomes aware of the world around him and retreats from his childhood faith and conviction. At times, he seems to be a model of humility and dependability, at the other times, he is erratic and impulsive. He is constantly restless and disturbed by the eternal impressions and the internal tensions which constantly flood his spirit. He likes exciting dances, romantic love songs, movies and sports, because in this things he finds an outlet for the energy which he has not learned to channel properly.It is extremely difficult to youth to help themselves. The cooperation and dedication of teachers and parents is demanded during this period. They can encourage and enlighten the youth and offer the right objectives in life.

By: Diana B. Caberto | Teacher III | Limay Elementary School Limay,Bataan

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